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The London menu trends below reflect how the wider UK restaurant trends are being interpreted.  Whats hot, where should you go,  who has the biggest queues, which openings are coming up..  all right here (although not in order).


As sure as night becomes day, chicken restaurants are hatching across the capital.  As usual, the trend comes from the states but as well this comes because of global meat price issues and the fact that most people just like it.  And, of course, operators look at Nando’s and want a piece pf the action.  Most offers are buttermilk southern fried chicken or variants of.  British free-range is the currency in this market, with plenty of noise about provenance but steering clear of industry approved ‘happy’ chicken standards because they cost and actually nobody’s really sure what it all means. 

So, The Tramshed by Mark Hix in Shoreditch is a steak and chicken (cock and bull) only offer and this has become a new brand of its own in the form of Hixster, starting int the City. Spit and Roast are the truck of choice, cruising Hackney with their van and the odd residency. Soho House have Chicken Shop in Kentiish Town (great value!) and are rolling-out, also now in Tooting  And check out Los Pollos, Wishbone are down in Brixton market, Chooks are up in Muswell Hill, Whyte & Brown have opened in Kingly Court - lots of eggs!, ClockJack and Cookhouse Joe have opened in Soho, Lucky Chip have morphed into Lucky Fried Chicken, Mother Clucker.. Clutch in Shoreditch is good, Jamies and Grillshack also have great chicken on their reduced menus and Le Coq in Islington is the new rotisserie king..ENOUGH ALREADY !!  Just 3 more.. new Rita’s in Hackney, Fire & Feathers in Fulham Rd, and The Culpepper (wood-fired chicken rotisserie and rooftop greenhouse) from the Forza Win gang.


Just when most everyone predicted that burgers were ‘so-over’, a wave of new burger operators are delighting the capital with higher fat and better provenance, and they’ve created quite a following.  Chargrill is out, flat top grilling is in.

At the forefront of this came #Meateasy which quickly became famed Meatliquor , then followed by Covent Garden version MeatMarket and off it went.  The Goodmans guys joined in with the epic Burger & Lobster.  Down in Brixton Market and rolling out fast are Honest Burger using only 35 day Ginger Pig meat, Bukowski have also joined the Brixton Marketeers from its base in Box Park (Shoreditch).   Lucky Chip are now selling in Giant Robot along with their famous van and are now in Camden too.  Mishkins in Covent Garden have taken the NY steamed patty, as has Dirty Burger in Kentish Town etc, and there isn’t a self respecting slider in town which hasn’t ramped up the fat content.  And check out the Admiral Coddington, Chelsea for an incredible aged-in-house version, Bar Boulud has a pricier patty, still delicious,  Mother Flipper are getting a name, Patty & Bun (our favourite) have the old Stockpot site on James St and now in Liverpool St. And here come the Americans..  In-n-out are eyeing an invasion after their pop-up, Five Guys have a LOT of sites (and want 280!?), say ‘hello’ to Smashburger, and Shake Shack have Covent Garden and loads more ready to go.

Whether French food actually went ‘away’ is up for debate (it didn’t)., ‘New’ French arrives just as Asian hipster cuisine may have peaked and the excellent Grub Street point out that in a market full of pork buns and kimchee there seems to be room for a softer cuisine and that seems to mean a renewed interest in French food.  And guess what, this time around its less stuffy, less mannered, less ‘French’!

Here, just as hybrid menus begin to take hold around town, resembling your last monthly shop at Waitrose, in comes something kinda simpler.  Kinda.  So, what we’re talking about here is bistro classics animated by Parisian North African trends alongside the usual London hipster influences (exposed lighting etc!).  Why not take a look at Le Bun currently street fooding their way across town, look out for Cafe Pistou in Exmouth Mkt from the team that brought us Cau (so expect a rollout) - provencal tapas and more, The Shoe Shop in NW5 form the old Giaconda expert Paul Meronny, Wormwood in Notting Hill (mezze/tapas/French) is imagined by an ex Paris based Algerian rapper, Bistro Blanchette in Soho is French sharing heavy (some Salt Yard Group consulting here)..



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Ramen done right are still pretty rare round these parts, but times they are a changin’.  If we’re not careful, this is going to get out of control.  Sure, Wagamama forged a path but lately we’ve seen a whole host of organised (big scale) pan-asian offers opening including Yo Sushi (and there’s a lot of Yo’s right!) and East Street (great design).  Noodle House (from Jumeirah) are eyeing a role out too.  These guys are liking the 80% gross profit, and why not.

But thats not the focus, thank god. Koya in Soho have led the artisan small batch gang and its these craftsman that are rejuvenating the category with incredible flavours, freshness and its an ‘in’ on the rest of those gorgeous Japanese treats.. particularly gyoza and tempura..  Koya Bar just opened next door.  Tonkotsu in Dean Street have a short menu along with various whiskies and Japanese craft beers (site #2 in Haggerston)  Bone Daddies ramen bar finally reached the old Melati site on Peter St, Soho courtesy of Ross Shonhan, former Zuma & Nobu Head Chef which has a little more rock n roll (and check out Flesh & Buns their #2) and Shoryu Ramen has found its way to Regent St and is spreading out too.  Lastly, Kanada Ya has the longest queues.  Kurobata is worth a journey (Izakaya - not just ramen).

And guess what (no suprise) this is a carbon copy of the New York ramen trend which was itself invigorated by a host of new entrants a couple of years back and it hasn’t stopped. But thats not for now. Shabu Shabu will just have to wait its turn.  Keep your eyes out for non-traditional, lower-carb variants such as spaghetti squash noodles. And the trickle down into the mass-market, in terms of flavour and connoisseurship is what makes this interesting


Barbecoa with now departed Adam Perry-Lang and Jamie Oliver got the media spread but face it, you were uncomfortable with the spend, the hype was tough to meet and the subsequent refurb meant questions were being asked.  No doubt though that the butchery is on message (and with rumours of BBQ2 on the way it seems so is the profit) and the general discussion around cooking techniques had an effect. And then Pitt Cue’s truck on the South Bank came along and stole all the food blog space and before you knew it they'd gone off to Soho and give or take a couple of regional varieties, like John Hargates version at the Worlds End in Brighton, you'd be forgiven for thinking that as far as BBQ was concerned that was that.  

But it hasn't gone away, and there's big money lurking around bringing concepts like ‘Grillshack’ by Richard Caring and his gang along for the ride. It seems though that this time around BBQ is softening up, same things happening in liberal parts of Texas believe it or not.  That means green eggs are poping up in kitchens ALL over town and people like Smokehouse are coming to the fore.  Dukes in Dalston is worth a look as is the aforementioned Pitt Cue Co and now John Salt in Islington.  Dont forget Bodeans either which has been around for years. Also worthy.. Cabana, the Brazilian BBQ/street restaurant is on rollout, Hickory Pitt from the Roast team is heading for the City and look at Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton, Big Easy are back for their second site in Covent Garden and try Salt Yards charcoal version.. Ember Yard in Soho. And smoking isnt just for meat, watch out for smoked cream and icecream (its easy to do) and more smoked vegetables. Check out Ribstock while you’re at it. And keep an eye out for off-shoots such as French Dips sneaking onto menus across town.

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I’m a food specialist, living in Brighton and working with the UK’s top restaurant brands. I’m in London most days and this blog is about news, drink and food trends from the bar and restaurant industry and my daily exploration around the City. More about me..

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Hot dogs are enjoying something of a renaissance, albeit they’ve been given the gourmet treatment. Forget the Ikea sausage or late night West End filthy concoctions, this is about double-smoked blends of pork and beef with marjoram, topped with exotic treats such as caramelised lettuce.

Stealing all the blog space is Bubbleodgs, the country's first Grower champagne and hotdog joint dreamed up by James Knappett, former chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant The Ledbury. Priced at £6 and up, toppings include BLT with truffle mayo; chilli and coriander; and avocado, lime and rock salt.  Dach & Sons in Hampstead are pairing with craft beer and whiskey, with sides of bone marrow popcorn.  Hanks Hotdogs are dispensing out of the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston; Big Apple Hot Dogs are growing in stature following their guest appearances on a number of menus across town (not to mention the festivals and Old Street trailer); and lets not forget Herman ze German “our wurst is ze best!” down on Villiers St and Old Compton, Soho.


Uh oh!  A lot of hipsters nursing burnt mouths because they've been eating pizza before it was cool.  We’re noticing some changes in the usual pizza set-up.  Lots more story behind the dough, artisan ingredients, smaller menus, sprinkling of craft beers.. you get the picture.  Some of these guys are awesome.. Welcome Voodoo Rays an offshoot of the Dalston Superstore so we’re safely in hipster territory here. Worth a late night visit and wash it down with the obligatory IPA. Say hello to Sacro Cuore (sister to Ealings Santa Maria), Crate Brewery & Pizzeria in Hackney Wick, Forza Win the pizza rooftop supperclub (whats not to love?) in Bethal Green, Story Deli - the often moving crazy expensive great quality so-cool-we-dont-use-a-sign hangout, Pizza Metro in Battersea retro chic and recognised by Italy’s Gambero Rosso (only 7 in the world!) and take a look at the Agile Rabbit down in Brixton Market, Lardo in Hackney.. here’s the full update.

Gasp.. and there’s more. Pizza East deserve a mention here as do Franco Manca.. both are eyeing the big time and are trying, not entirely successfully to sidestep P’Ex territory.. we’ll see.  Cheese dreams.


Natures favourite double act.. no not Siegfried and Roy, is spreading across town fast.  High quality ingredients requiring less skill to assemble, recognisable strong flavours that present well and lend themselves to sharing and casualness.  And it’s a reflection of the difficulty in finding property across the capital and then the cost of staffing it accordingly.  Its also testament to the volume of openings and the London food scene in general, that consumers are increasingly seeking out specialist operators. Who’s best?  Try Champagne & Fromage, Antidote and Fernandez & Wells all in Central. Sager & Wilde and L’Entrepot in Hackney, Kappascein in Matlby St, Ember Yard in Soho